Abdul Hameed Shoman Fund For Supporting Scientific Research

Print this pageSend to friendAbdul Hameed Shoman Fund for Supporting Scientific Research, was established in 1999, and, as the name indicates , as practical manifestation of the Foundation’s policy of providing support for scientific research and its promotion in Jordanian universities and scientific institutions and centers, provided that the nominated research is listed among the national priorities for scientific research and conforms to the policy and direction of the Foundation.The Fund is administered by a committee comprised of a chair and five members, who are highly qualified and are experts in various fields. Among the committee’s tasks is setting the basis and standards by which support for scientific research, which also includes research projects of post-graduate students, is undertaken. Committee’s decisions are based on recommendations made by expert scientific bodies in the universities and other scientific institutions.Fund regulations require that applications for support of scientific research projects should be submitted following their evaluation by the institution for which a researcher works.
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