Weekly Meeting

Every Monday evening, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Cultural Forum hosts a group of the most prominent thought leadership figures in the cultural and political fields, during a lecture in which a local, Arab or international issue is presented for a 45 minutes. This lecture is conducted by a dedicated, subject-matter expert. To enrich the discussion, a discussion is carried out with the guests and audience for another 45 minutes.

The Monday’s Weekly Meeting program includes public lectures, dialogue meetings, and debates addressing key and influential issues on the local, Arab or global scale.

Seminars and Discussion Panels

 A number of well-known, expert professors are invited to take part in the Weekly Meeting, whether from within Jordan or from the Arab world, to discuss various issues affecting the local or Arab society. Round-table discussions are held with the participation of a number of experienced and competent subject-matter experts.

In this respect, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation organizes specialized seminars, involving a number of researchers and experienced subject-matter experts for a day or more. Accordingly, specialized seminars have been developed and organized to address a literary or political key topic. To date, many seminars have been held so as to tackle important topics, in the presence of the most prominent intellectuals and researchers from Jordan and the Arab world as well.