Eligibility Criteria

Eligible projects and activities per grant program:

Thought Leadership Grants Program:

Qualifying Projects:

  • Provision of educational and scientific spaces, platforms and applications
  • Scientific forums and conferences.
  • Youth debates
  • Providing learning resources of different types
  • Scientific activities such as science competitions, science fairs and exhibitions

Arts & Literature Grants Program:

Qualifying Projects:

  • Performing Arts that includes: theatre, music, dance
  • Visual Art Projects such as: fine art, graffiti, comics, mosaic, sculpture, contemporary art, etc.)
  • Audio visual projects (multimedia) such as: cinema, cartoon, animation, games
  • Cultural activities and festivals
  • Support artistic and literary spaces such as: libraries, art exhibitions, critic)
  • Cultural activities that aim to preserve and document national heritage

Projects and Activities that do not meet the criteria:

  • Religious or politically focused activities/projects.
  • Activities or projects that does not fall under the grant program’s scope of work.
  • Activities/ projects that includes construction or building work.
  • Activities/projects implemented outside Jordan and Palestine.
  • Activities/ projects that do not benefit the community, but rather serve private interests.
  • Requesting support for activities that started before applying to the grant
  • Covering operational costs that are not tied to any project activities
  • Fundraising events and campaigns.
  • Scholarships
  • Covering the cost of attending conferences, workshops or competitions inside or outside Jordan.
  • Endowment funds.
  • Cost of supporting Capitalism.


Who is eligible to apply:

  • Individuals
  • Informal groups (groups of 5 people or more).
  • Cultural institutions.
  • Civil society organizations.
  • National and cultural heritage institutions.
  • Private sector institutions, which have special provisions (Please refer to the Special Provisions section below).
  • Social enterprises

Special Provisions:

  • The project shall serve the public by providing a free service or product.
  • No profit distribution to the partners or shareholders.

Invest any income or return from the project back into the project to sustain and maximize its impact.

* Applicable to Private Sector Institutions*