Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Inquiries:

  • How do I apply?

Send a minimum 250-word summary of your project idea and implementation date to Grants@shoman.org.jo, If the project idea meets with the grants program objectives, we will send you the relevant grant request forms to be filled and sent back for evaluation.

  • Are registered companies exempted from providing additional requirements?

No.  As per the application terms and conditions with respect to registered companies; all are required to provide a registration certificate and audited financial reports covering the last 2 years

  • Can one applicant apply with more than just one project idea?

The Foundation does not provide support for two different projects that are implemented simultaneously by the same entity.

  • What is the project implementation timeframe?

A maximum period of 12 months.

  • What is the grants ceiling?

No grants ceiling is set, provided that the support requests and allocated budget are in line with relevant activities, action plan and desired impact.

  • Are handwritten, signed forms accepted by the Foundation?

All forms shall be filled electronically and emailed to the foundation. The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation does not accept paper applications. Forms shall be signed, if the Department of Grants requires so.

  • What is the process if I face difficulty in filling the forms?

You can contact the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s Grants Department over the phone during official business hours (10 AM - 3:30 PM) or via e-mail (Grants@shoman.org.jo).

  • Is the public sector exempt from filling the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s grant Request forms?

All entities are subject to the same, applicable policies and procedures.


Support Request Form:

  • Does Section 1 of the Form apply to registered entities only?

Section 1 includes the contact details of the Applicant, whether an individual, registered entity or informal group. Accordingly, all applicants must fill Section 1 with all required details, as requested and applicable.

  • Shall the Experience Section be filled in accordance with that of the individual or relevant entity?

If the Applicant is an individual, details on the project’s owner and past experiences must be provided. In the event of a registered entity, information on the relevant entity and past projects must be filled.

  • Is it required to set and identify quantitative objectives in the Expected Impact Section?

This depends on the project’s type, while taking into account the need for a measurable impact.

  • What is the difference between the project’s description, summary and background?

- Project Description (Minimum Length: 250 words): A detailed explanation of the project, clarifying relevant objectives, importance, cause, target group, as well as the impact upon implementation on the cultural, social and cognitive levels. In addition to work stages and methodologies, details of activities, output and expected challenges, project collaborators, required budget, and any other relevant information explaining the need for such a project.

- Summary of Project/Impact: A 250-word summary of the project’s description, covering information on the overall project’s objective, work methodology, activities implemented, target group, duration and cost.

- Project Background: A general overview of the project, including information on the feasibility of implementing the project, as well as relevant background and reason behind project implementation.

  • Must all prospective and confirmed partners be mentioned?

All partners, along with their role in the project, must be mentioned and shared. In this respect, it is also required to clarify whether the partner is confirmed or prospective.

Estimated Budget Form

  • What does the beneficiary's contribution mean?

It is the cash or in-kind contribution through which the entity or beneficiaries participate in the provision of grants, by not less than 10% of the total amount requested. It aims at promoting a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the project to ensure active participation, through the use and integration of the beneficiary’s internal resources with the external resources of partners and supporters, thus achieving cultural and developmental creativity.

  • What does Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation's contribution mean?

It is the amount required for support by the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation.

  • What does administrative expenses mean?

Administrative expenses include (bonuses and wages, among others), paid to workers, provided that they do not exceed 10% of the total amount requested.

  • What do direct operating costs mean?

Direct operating expenses are related to the running costs of the project, including the equipment and tools, as well as all other items related to the project commencement.

.• What does each of the following fields mean: Item Details, Item Number, Item Price, and Number of Months?

It is a field in which the item to be supported is detailed, in terms of type, quantity, price and recurrence.

  • Must all budget fields be filled?

Items related to the implementation and requirements of the project/activity must be filled as relevant, but it is not necessary to fill all fields if not relevant.

  • How will the total amount be reached?

The Budget Form is based on equations. Once data is entered, the cost is, therefore, calculated automatically.

  • Is it permissible to fill in the Budget Form in English?

Yes, it is. A translated and certified form is available.

  • Must budget items be detailed according to the project activities?

Yes. Details must be provided to enable the Assessment Committee to better understand the nature of the project’s expenses.

  • Is it possible to amend or add any provisions to the budget (after approval)?

Yes, by filling in a request form to make amendments to the grant’s fields or items, and receiving the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s written approval, regardless of the percentage of amendments required. It is noteworthy to mention that relevant reasons must be stated.

Media and Advertising Plan Form

  • What does the Media and Advertising Plan mean?

The Media and Advertising Plan aims at identifying the project/event’s media and advertising materials, as well as relevant proposed coverage for promotional purposes. It includes advertisements, interviews and meetings, coverages, marketing materials and publications, as well as gifts and souvenirs.

  • Is this Plan obligatory?

Yes. However, it is possible to make some amendments in case of any new and relevant developments.

  • Who covers the costs of the Plan items?

This is determined by the beneficiary, and included in the project/event’s budget.

  • Must this Plan costs be added to the estimated budget?

Yes, and in details.

  • How do you identify the Plans approximate item cost?

Estimated costs will be provided by the market’s service providers.

  • What does timeframe mean?

It is the estimated time needed to implement each item, as part of the project/event’s implementation timeframe.

  • Is it permissible to fill in the Media and Advertising Plan Form in English?

Yes. A translated and certified form is available.

Timeframe Form

  • What do objectives mean?

The main objectives set as part of the implementation stage, to be achieved during the implementation period.

  • Within the project timeframe do we mention the preparatory phase if it falls prior to the implementation date?

Yes, even if it does not happen within the support period.

  • Must relevant objectives be linked to the month during which they are expected to be implemented?

Yes. If the objective timeframe exceeds a month, please highlight all applicable months. 

  • Is it permissible to perform more than just one activity in parallel within the same period of time?


  • Is it permissible to fill in the Timeframe Form in English?

Yes. A translated and certified form is available.

For further questions, please reach out to us on: Grants@shoman.org.jo