Intel Program

Intel Program

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair is an annually-held competition, covering 17 scientific research areas, such as engineering, computing and sociology. It is considered the world's largest international pre-college science competition, hosting about 1,700 participants from more than 1,600 secondary schools in more than 60 countries around the world, to take part in the Science Fair in the United States each year.

The Arab edition of the Intel ISEF, the Intel Science Competition - Arab World (ISC-AW), started to be held since 2009, in which Jordan takes part therein, along with the Ministry of Education since 2004.

- Target Audience:

Grade 9 to Secondary II school students.

- Role of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation:

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s role played in supporting the Jordanian participation in the ISC-AW started since academic year 2013-2014, in line with its belief in the great importance and impact of such a competition on the development of the students' scientific, critical thinking and creativity skills.

The Foundation intends to continue supporting the competition, as well as the Jordanian participation therein, through the organization of workshops and training courses, targeting teachers and students qualified to participate in competitions. This support will enhance their skills and competencies, in terms of identifying their specific needs, completing and modeling of projects, achieving a better presentation to reach the level of those showcased in the international and Arab competitions.

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation also seeks to disseminate the competition’s idea across all Jordanian education departments, as well as facilitate the students’ registration in areas where the Internet connection is not available, through ensuring and enabling manual registration.

Furthermore, it supports students’ projects, organizes local and international exhibitions, as well as covers incurred travel expenses.