The Pillars


The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation invests in cognitive, cultural and social creativity under three pillars:

The First Pillar: Thought Leadership

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation promotes thought leadership through capacity building and providing learning resources for all in a way that supports the overall educational journey. The Foundation also supports scientific research and works to prepare a generation of Arab scientists, experts and specialists, in an effort to increase knowledge and achieve practical benefits for the Arab world according to its most pressing priorities and needs.

As part of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s vision to enhance thought leadership within society, it seeks to create a conducive environment bringing together Arab intellectuals, scientists, scholars and artists. It also promotes dialogue through support for conferences, seminars and debates aimed at sparking thought leadership and free thought.

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation strives to achieve its thought leadership objectives through:

  • The Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab Researchers: 

Launched in 1982, this is the first Arab award to focus on scientific research and celebrate the achievements of Arab researchers. The Award supports and highlights scientific research throughout the Arab world, and serves to prepare and inspire a generation of Arab researchers, experts and specialists in various scientific fields.  The Award is especially relevant in light of the current limited capacities and resources available to institutions, universities and individuals.

  • The Abdul Hameed Shoman Fund for Supporting Scientific Research: 

Established in 1999, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Fund for Supporting Scientific Research provides valuable support for scientific research projects carried out in Jordanian universities, institutions and scientific centers.

  • The Abdul Hameed Shoman Cultural Forum: 

 The Abdul Hameed Shoman Cultural Forum was created in 1986 to serve as an independent platform hosting aficionados of thought leadership, politics, philosophy, arts and culture. In doing so, the Foundation seeks to create a deeper interaction between such thinkers and a broad audience from a variety of social backgrounds.

  • The Education and Science Program: 

The Foundation launched the Education and Science Program in 2014, in order to promote a culture of scientific research, entrepreneurship and innovation among children and adolescents, as well as enrich education in Jordan by building the capacities of science teachers and students.

  • Thought Leadership Grants: 

Thought Leadership Grants are a way for the Foundation to promote and spread scientific explorations that address pressing social issues, as well as to provide science and learning resources and educational spaces for all.

The Second Pillar: Literature and Arts

Given the great importance of investing in culture, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation aims, through the Literature and Arts Program, at developing literary and artistic talents and skills, preserving national heritage, and promoting cultural diversity by providing artistic and literary activities of all kinds, including: Literature and performing arts, music, creative products, and various media, in addition to supporting libraries in Jordan and Palestine in order to spread the culture of reading and research.

In this respect, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation seeks to enhance the role of intellectuals, writers and musicians, as well as to support their chef-d’oeuvre and ensure their connection with a wider audience. It also aims at enhancing creative and innovative thinking among children, and providing them with an environment to promote and motivate them creatively.

Furthermore, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation has worked to achieve its Literature and Arts objectives, through: 

  • The Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Children's Literature: 

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation launched the Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Children's Literature in 2006, which was inspired by the Foundation's belief in the great importance of enriching the Arab creative content of children, and its keenness to create a pure and authentic environment that would help and motivate children to read and think creatively.

  • The Abdul Hameed Shoman Public Library: 

In order to provide a knowledge and education space for all segments of society, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation established the Abdul Hameed Shoman Public Library in 1986, to serve as the first computerized and fully-equipped public library in Jordan.

  • Knowledge Path: 

In an effort to provide an open environment and space for children and youth, aged between 3 and 16 years, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation established the Knowledge Path library in 2013, to serve as a free and vital space for reading, interacting and participating in creative activities, as part of an intellectual and creative journey to achieve self-discovery.

  • The Cinema Program: 

In 1989, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation launched the Cinema Program to promote the dissemination of the cinematic culture, as a form of cultural expression and exchange, and a contribution to the growth of the film industry in Jordan. In order to stimulate critical thinking among children and youth, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation launched the Children’s Cinema Program in 2014, which includes filmmaking workshops, as well as monthly movie shows, followed by discussion panels.

  • The Musical Evenings: 

In support of emerging musical talents in Jordan and the region, 2014 witnessed the launch of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s Musical Evenings.

  • Literature and Arts Grants: 

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation aims, through its Literature and Arts Grants, at promoting cultural diversity, making arts available for all, as well as enabling the preservation of cultural heritage.

The Third Pillar: Social Innovation