Stages & Applicants Eligibility

Award Stages:

Innovators and Researchers in Jordan are invited to apply for the AHSF Innovation Award as per the following award stages:

  • Stage 1 (Research and Proof of Concept): This stage is dedicated to supporting the development of a prototype and/or proof of concept for pioneering solutions to problems that fall within the Award’s 5 identified fields. The proposed solutions and prototypes are expected to be based on applied and/or market research.

During this stage, applicants are requested to provide a simple, inexpensive, scaled down version of their proposed solution that is initially tested on a small target group of beneficiaries to demonstrate its functionality and assess its practicability, desirability and feasibility. Once the prototype is refined and proof of concept is achieved, the applicant can proceed to apply to stage 2 of the Award.

  • Stage 2 (Community Application and Testing): This stage is dedicated to supporting the testing of the fully developed product and how it works in real world contexts.

During this stage, applicants are requested to test/ validate the product within a proper M&E framework on actual beneficiaries/ systems to determine if it actually works and contributes to addressing the initial problem identified within the selected Award field. This stage entails working with partners, testing the solution using various scenarios, data collection, fine-tuning and prototype adjustments. Once tangible evidence that the solution works is successfully produced, the applicant may proceed to apply to stage 3 of the Award.

  • Stage 3 (Roll-out and Scaling): This stage is dedicated to supporting the distribution, dissemination/commercialization, and scale up of proven solutions/ innovations that have already achieved market validation and impact, and are potentially financially sustainable and scalable. This may include expanding innovations to different contexts/geographies; or assessing ways to drive cost-effectiveness as the scale continues to increase.

During this stage, applicants are requested to demonstrate their ability to address operational challenges for scaling up, planned approach to scale, as well as demonstrate the solution’s prospects for revenue generation towards achieving financial sustainability.

Applicants Eligibility:

  • Jordanian individuals or residing in Jordan.
  • Jordanian organizations, research centers, universities, or SMEs (of less than 10 employees) interested to develop their Prototypes based on scientific research results.
  • Jordanian individuals/organizations in leadership roles, and partnering with other universities, innovators, etc.

Note 1: For universities with Technology Transfer offices or innovation centers, it is highly recommended that application be endorsed by the manager.

Note 2: Collaborative projects with different local & international partners are encouraged as long as the lead is Jordanian.

Contribution to the community:

  • The awardee agrees to deliver training/workshops/mentorship/coaching on their technical field of expertise as it relates to the developed POC that is equivalent to 1 day of efforts.
  • The awardee agrees to publish press release and promotion as part of the AHSF marketing and communication campaign, with the awardee’ prior approval of content.