General Provisions & Conditions

General Provisions of the Award:

  1. The Award is dedicated to children and youth in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan;
  2. The Award shall be granted each year in the following fields:
  • Literary creativity, including essay and poetry;
  • Performance creativity, including music and dancing;
  • Artistic creativity (composition art), includes painting and Arabic calligraphy.
  • Scientific innovations in the field of science;
  1. Target group is between 8 and 18 years old;
  2. An applicant shall apply only to one of the above fields;
  3. The applicant shall be given a copy of the award application conditions when submitting the application;
  4. The submission shall be original and novel (not required in the field of creative performance);
  5. The submission shall show tendency towards positive and humanistic concepts in life;
  6. The submission shall be evaluated by specialized arbitration committees, which shall consider the submissions according to criteria agreed with the Higher Committee of the Award.
  7. The winner of the Award shall be awarded USD 1000$, a certificate of appreciation, and a medal to indicate that he/she has received the Award. In addition, the winner shall receive specific incentives and awards according to his/her field.
  8. The Awards shall be distributed at a ceremony honoring and highlighting the winners' efforts in various media outlets.


Award Application Conditions

General Conditions of the Award:

  1. The Award is for Jordanian and non-Jordanian children and youth residing in Jordan, from 8 to 18 years of age;
  2. No more than one submission may be submitted for every field of the Award;
  3. The applicant shall have the freedom to choose the subject in which he/she wishes to participate;
  4. The submission shall be produced by the applicant;
  5. The submission should not have won the application other awards;
  6. Literary productions shall be in Standard Arabic;
  7. The applicant shall adhere to the conditions and criteria for each field of the Award;
  8. Applications that do not comply with the terms of the Award shall not be considered;
  9. Submissions that are proven to not be wholly produced by the application shall be excluded;
  10. Submissions shall not be returned whether they won the Award or not;
  11. Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation shall have the right to use the submissions as it sees fit, including publishing or registering the Award in Arab and international forums and exhibitions;