Scientific Innovations Field Conditions


  1. Target age groups: (12-15), (16-18) years;
  2. The innovation shall be created by the applicant himself/herself;
  3. The innovation shall not be the winner of any other awards;
  4. The innovation shall include a new, un-quoted, duplicated, or copied idea;
  5. Only one innovation shall be submitted;
  6. The innovation shall be submitted in Arabic;
  7. A written description shall be attached to the innovation;
  8. The cover of innovation shall include: the title of innovation, the name of the applicant, the school or the institution of the applicant, and the supervisor of the innovation, if any;
  9. The arbitral commission shall have the right to correct some information and terminology whenever necessary.
  10. All entries shall be submitted starting from 16/9 to 30/11
  11. Decisions of the final arbitration committees shall not subject to appeal.
  12. Fill in the participation form. (Attach a copy of birth certificate or ID card).

Criteria for arbitration commissions:

The clarity of the idea and perception;


Feasibility of the idea

Ability to turn the idea into a practical project.

Professional and creative features in production and design 

The use of scientific research methodology in the submission