List of Published Research Papers 2000-2020

Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation (AHSF) is proud to present to you this edition of the “Abdul Hameed Shoman Scientific Research Support Fund – Published Research Booklet”.

Between 2000 and April 2020, our Fund provided over 1.6 Million Jordanian Dinars as direct support and leveraged over a quarter a million as contributions from Jordanian academic and research institutions in support of scientific research. This support went to 129 research projects from 17 Institutions in Jordan and resulted in 111 published research papers in peer-reviewed journals. The supported research projects fall under various fields, namely; Medical & Health Sciences, Green Technology, and Environmental Sustainability, Food Security and Agriculture Technology, Engineering Sciences, Economic Growth and Competitiveness, Culture, Arts, and Humanitarian and Social Sciences and Basic Sciences. 

Published research is indeed a major player in knowledge enhancement and dissemination. Science-based policymaking continues to be key in shaping the future of nations and socio-economic agendas for both the public and private sectors. Through compiling and sharing this booklet, AHSF seeks to inform policy-makers, business leaders, and civil society organizations of research outputs; hoping that they capture key messages and tools to improve the quality of life in Jordan and advance further research and development in various sectors.

Today, we aspire to maximize our Fund’s impact and focus its support on enabling scientific innovation through encouraging more applied and joint research, strengthening linkages with industry and other stakeholders, as well as tackling local socio-economic and environmental needs.

AHSF holds its promise to continue to support scientific research and innovation and to enabling a stronger impact through a distinguished community of scientists and researchers.


The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s profound appreciation goes to researchers and partner institutions for allowing us to contribute to Jordan’s scientific research achievements.

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