Knowledge Path

Knowledge Path

Have you ever thought that a certain place might become a friend of yours, eagerly sharing with you the joy of discovering amazing worlds, illuminated by imagination, creativity and knowledge?!

The “Knowledge Path” is not just an ordinary children library; it is a free and lively space for children, of all ages and backgrounds, to meet. search and discover together, through interactive reading and creative activities, motivating them to develop and enhance their creative abilities.

At Knowledge Path, the books fall asleep at night. Each morning, they come back to life and jump for joy in the young hands, hearts and minds of children.

The Knowledge Path is supervised by an integrated team, in charge of helping visitors roam through its different corridors. Each team member has unique and creative abilities, enabling them to help visitors make the most of their reading, kinetic, artistic, musical, and drama activities, as well as improve their skills, and stimulate their creative imagination.

At Knowledge Path, we aim to contribute to the creation of a self-aware and capable generation, by taking them on a journey on the path of knowledge in a friendly and enjoyable environment that includes reading, as well as artistic and creative activities. This is also carried out by establishing a knowledge base that helps children and adolescents understand and make use of their surroundings, and life and technology developments, and enhance their self-confidence, while opening up to different sources of knowledge, helping them acquire their own capacities and abilities in choosing, selecting and enjoying a variety of books according to their tendencies, in addition to rooting and instilling this culture in their minds.

Furthermore, Knowledge Path aims at serving as a creative, informative and lively space for children, and a source of trust for their parents as well.

Knowledge Path receives schools, centers and associations’ visits on a daily and weekly basis, during morning times at its headquarters within the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation. As not to confine the activities of Knowledge Path to the Library, the team seeks to conduct field visits to government schools across Jordan, and to participate in several events in collaboration with partner institutions, including the 2014-2015 Science Film Festival in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut in Amman, Jordan.

The Knowledge Path Stops

The Knowledge Path journey starts from different stops, depending on the various age groups:

1- My First Steps:

At our first stop, we will be accompanied by a parent or adult family member, and we will be the youngest among the Library's visitors, aged between 3 and 6 years. We will enjoy listening to stories, singing songs, and starting to play our first tunes with the help of our Library friends, so as to take our first steps on the Knowledge Path and thus, create it together.

2- My Path:

At this stop, we, children aged between 7 and 11 years, gather to take off to another stop on our way, to develop our skills by reading stories, listening to storytellers, learning handcrafts, as well as the basics of arts, music and songs, along with exploring the secrets of sciences.

3- Knowledge Path:

This stop is led by adolescents, aged between 12 and 16 years.

At this important stop, we begin to learn ways to ask questions and search for answers so as to receive required knowledge. In this respect, we will be provided with the necessary means, including training workshops intended to stimulate creativity and self-knowledge, helping us to identify the goals we aim to achieve. We will also participate in lively dialogue sessions on important books we will read together, as well as in a lot of entertainment, artistic and musical activities, through which we will be able to discover our talents.

Knowledge Path opens its doors to visitors from Saturday through Thursday, from 9 AM to 7 PM.

Friends of the Knowledge Path 

Not only does the Knowledge Path’s passion, entertainment and knowledge-rich environment rely on the Library. We created a dedicated, closed Facebook group, where friends of the Knowledge Path meet with their parents and Library employees. This Group also serves as a platform to announce the Knowledge Path’s most important activities, to connect with organizers, and to exchange relevant posts.

Subscriptions and Book Borrowing

Subscription Terms and Conditions  

To enjoy Knowledge Path activities and borrow books, children aged between 3 and 16 years can subscribe at the Library, as follows:

  • Parents must visit the Library to fill in the Subscription Application.
  • The parent’s Civil Status ID or passport must be provided, for Jordanians and non-Jordanians, respectively.
  • The subscription fees of the first child, and subsequent children (second, third, fourth child, ) are set at JOD 1 and JOD 0.5 only, respectively. The subscription of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Public Library’s subscribers’ children is free of charge.
  • Subscribers can borrow up to two books for a renewable two-week period of time.

Knowledge Path Events and Activities

Throughout the week, Knowledge Path activities begin at 4:00 PM. The activity’s duration ranges between a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of one and a half hours, depending on the existing number of children.

1- Narrative Readings and Interactive Activities

Children and adolescents enjoy reading the Library’s stories, carefully selected by specialists to suit them all and increase their interest in reading, given the wide availability of the latest Arabic and foreign publications. A Knowledge Path dedicated team visits all children's book fairs in the Arab world to provide the Library with the latest and most creative and useful children's stories. Knowledge Path is a lively place, stimulating creative competitiveness that drives children to reading, through reading activities supervised by dedicated employees who are continuously working to ensure their organization in creative ways.

2- Children’s Books Signing

In order to support Jordanian and Arab authors, and to help the Library’s visitors form a positive outlook on creative writing, as well as motivate them to write and read, in addition to assisting them in developing positive models of reading and literature, Knowledge Path receives writers throughout the year, on the last Saturday of every month at 4:30 PM, to sign their books or stories and interact with the children.

3- Courses and Workshops

During the year, Knowledge Path organizes periodic training courses for the parents, including various topics on the importance of reading, culture, and ways of dealing with children.

4- Clubs

Throughout the year, Knowledge Path organizes summer and winter clubs, with the aim of developing its visitors’ skills, as well as opening new knowledge horizons, through training courses lasting for two to three weeks during the summer and winter school holidays.

Visit Us at the Knowledge Path

Knowledge Path opens its door for visitors at the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation from Saturday through Thursday, as follows:

1- School Visits

Knowledge Path receives daily school visits during the morning, which may encompass film showcase, story readings, handicraft activities, music, free reading, or any other library activities.

2- Centers and Associations Visits

Knowledge Path receives centers and associations’ visits on Saturday mornings, to carry out various activities, including reading, arts, science and many other cultural-related ones.

3- Individual Visits

Knowledge Path receives individual visits on a daily basis, during which daily activities are provided by the Library team, including reading, listening to music, drawing, etc. 

In Our Library

At the Knowledge Path children library, a variety of books, stories and sources of knowledge are available to its visitors. Index search is also available at the Knowledge Path, through: Simple and Advanced Search.