Grants & Support Programs

Grants & Support Programs

In 2014, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation institutionalized its support provided for various projects, through the launch of grants and support programs, as part of its strategy to invest in cognitive, cultural and social creativity, so as to contribute to the advancement of societies in order to achieve it’s vision towards building a society of culture and innovation.

The grants and support programs includes: Thought Leadership Grants, as well as Arts and Literature Grants. 

  • The Thought Leadership Grants Program

This program seeks to build capacity and provide critical resources for all to contribute to the development of the learning process through non-formal education, the promotion of dialogue, and the stimulation of critical thinking and thought leadership. This includes supporting the provision of educational and scientific spaces, platforms and applications, the implementation of scientific activities such as science competitions, science fairs and exhibitions, in addition to supporting debates, scientific forums and conferences. 

  • The Arts and Literature Grants Program

This program aims to develop literary and artistic talents and skills, promote cultural diversity, contribute to the provision of |Arabic content, and ensure access to arts and literary activities for all. This is accomplished through supporting artistic and literary spaces, projects that enrich and disseminate Arab literary and artistic content in all forms (paper and digital media), young local talents and cultural change agents such artists, writers, artistic performers, audio visual projects, festivals and other cultural activities that aim to preserve national heritage

You can apply for the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation’s Grants and Support Programs, by sending your project details to the following e-mail address