Grants & Innovation Programs

For the past 5 years, Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation (AHSF) Grants and Support Program had helped over 180 brilliant stars achieve and create something unique and impactful. Our program works to support the creation of a socially innovative society where arts and culture are preserved and supported in a sustainable manner. At AHSF we recognize the value of culture in the development of the society as much as we realize the significance of the provision of access to culture and education.  To that end and deriving from our vision ‘towards a society of culture and innovation’, we seek to seize new opportunities and invest in new methods that promote knowledge sharing and cultural excellence

The mission of the Grants and Support Program is to influence the advancement of societies by promoting innovation, science, culture, and arts. The program supports projects under 2 programmatic sectors: “Thought Leadership” and “Arts and Literature”

The Grants Programs include various specializations. In this guidebook, we provide a detailed explanation about the programs and how to apply to them. 

The Arts & Literature Program”, in which more than 110 projects were funded in the past 5 years within the following sectors:

  1. Performing Arts
  2. Audio Visual
  3. Festivals and Cultural Activities
  4. Cultural National Heritage
  5. Artistic and Literary Spaces
  6. Library Development Support

These programs had a huge influence on the development of artistic and literary talents and skills, as well as the promotion of cultural diversity. By supporting such projects, these programs provided access to arts for everyone and not only to those working in the different cultural sectors from artists and authors; said programs offered access to all, especially the youth, throughout enriching and promoting artistic and literary Arabic content via different platforms including literary and artistic spaces. 

The Thought Leadership Program”, in which more than 50 projects have been funded within the following sectors:

  1. Scientific Research Conferences
  2. Scientific Activities
  3. Scientific Spaces and Educational Applications
  4. Youth Forums and Debates

These programs contributed to the empowerment of free thought and leadership through supporting and developing the scientific process via projects, which develop the horizons and perceptions of cognitive and intellectual individuals. The approach is to meet the educational and scientific needs in providing multiple platforms, in which the programs will lead to a societal and educational benefit to everyone.