Abdul Hameed Shoman Creativity Award for Children and Youth (Abde’)

Abdul Hameed Shoman Creativity Award for Children and Youth (Abde’)

Abdul Hameed Shoman’s Creativity Award for Children and Youth "Abde’" is an award dedicated for children and youth in the literary, technical, scientific innovation, and performance fields. The award is open to children and youth in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and it aims at:

  • Contributing to the advancement of creative production of children and youth in the literary, artistic, performance, and scientific innovation fields. Such advancement conduces the development of the child's mind, and helps establish a generation aware of the common issues of its era;
  • Creating a spirit of positive competition between children and youth, highlighting their talents, and enriching their information;
  • Developing the capacities of children and youth, enhancing literary and artistic taste, and supporting their scientific innovation;
  • Contributing to the promotion of derivation and deduction in the fields of literature, art, and science;
  • Utilizing the creative skills and abilities of students to help them express their views and positions;
  • Preparing a generation aware of the various types of knowledge and literary skills; with a specific focus on sound Arabic language;
  • Promoting a culture of creativity through the discovery of talented and distinguished children and youth at an early stage.


The award was established in 1988 and continued until 2003, then the foundation decided to relaunch the award in 2018 with the objective of encouraging creativity in children.

 Award Philosophy:

The philosophy of the award stems from AHSF’s belief in the role of young generations in shaping the future. The award aspires to give the opportunity for talented youth to express themselves; be exposed to the light of knowledge and enjoy free and healthy spaces, so they can create and express themselves. Moreover, the award has been founded to formulate a strong tendency towards the knowledge culture and towards genuine creativity biased towards life, human, and future. These goals are in harmony with AHSF’s knowledge and enlightenment role in the service of future generations.

Higher Committee of the Award:

The award is supervised by a higher committee composed of a president and members with experience and competence in the subject of the award. The committee shall be responsible for drafting the application form for the award, opening the door for application, setting the deadline, defining the fields of the award, and appointing the arbitration committees with experience and competence in the specific fields. It also announces the winners through the appropriate means.

Target age groups and fields

Award fields

Award sub-fields

Target age group (8 – 11)

Target age group (12 – 15)

Target age group (16 – 18)

Literary creativity






Artistic creativity



Arabic Calligraphy


Performance Arts




Scientific innovations